Friday, October 15, 2010

RESOURCE : Requesting Facebook Help!

Does anyone out there have a good resource for developing a successful business page on Facebook? I'm working on one for the shop I'm working at, and I'd like a creative way to feature items, artists, etc.

Any ideas or resources you use?

Thanks, as always, for the help. You are awesome.


  1. Facebook -
    "Check out this page- it's for a successful scrap-booking/ card store
    in Pullman where I did my wedding invitations. And an unrelated
    business but; has the best
    business facebook page I have seen. They get tons of replies on any of
    their posts and post a good mix of polls, promos, events and tips but
    not too many to be annoying.

    Paper Pals;"

  2. My same lovely friend added - My other big suggestion is that you "like" or befriend as many similar interest businesses, causes etc. and post on those pages often. IE if you were trying to make a facebook page for your blog you would befriend all the arts & crafts stores, retail boutiques that sell crafty stuff, pages for books about making crafts etc. Post interesting things to those pages often that may lead people to your page. Just don't make it a blatant ad. For some of the pages I've worked on I like to add links to pertinent news, tips etc. Ex. for natural health I don't go on otherpages and say hey check out my page! I might post a recipe that fits the discussion topic though. You can always see the numbers go up when you put in a few days work being prolific. and the good thing is is once someone likes your page they rarely remove it- so if you take a few days off your fans won't grow but they won't drop off either. And if you have the ablity to every so often release a promo code or info about a freebie or discount you give people incentive to become a fan of your page.


Thank for the help!