Thursday, February 24, 2011

CRITIQUE : A Great Etsy Banner

I've been spending some time on my shop, much needed, and I've hit a snaq in redesigning my etsy banner.

Those of you with shops know that the banner is a style-cramping "760 pixels wide and 100 pixels high".

Right now my banner looks like this and I've been working on something that currently looks like this.
I have no idea where to go from here... any ideas? Any banners you love?
(I already love love Camp Smartypants and Slide Sideways of course.)

I will also be working on a banner for a knitting shop pretty soon, any ideas you have for that would also be appreciated.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

QUESTION : Making it Work

This one's from Brooke. I, for one, am struggling with some of the same problems and want to see what everyone has to say.

K, so Alison commented on my blog and let me know that I could have something critiqued and as I looked over your site I see that you also answer questions ala the Wizard of Oz!? So, here goes, and it may be a long one.

I have been a graphic designer for more than twelve years and for the most part, feel pretty confident in what I can and cannot do and feel like I have an eye for good design.
I have a million ideas as far as products to sell at places like Etsy, Zazzle and where ever, but I just don't know how best to get my name/links out there so that people can see what I do and want to buy. I have had an Etsy shop for a few weeks, haven't sold anything yet, I have a decent amount of views and am even included in some treasuries there, but it's not enough for me. I NEED to know how to I sell myself better, am I pricing correctly, do people really want what I have to sell? I also have a shop on Society 6 for whatever it's worth. I so desperately want to be a success, and while thinking about all of this, I am struggling to find a job so that my family and I do not lose our home, it's been scary and I'm getting really depressed, not every day, but enough ya know?

I'd even be willing to partner with up with a site or a person if I sell my products that they've promoted we could work out a commission thing. I'm just at this point in my life where I need to see a payoff, is that wrong to say? lol Alright, I warned you it was long. I will include links to all my places I have started.
Brooke Rochon

Monday, February 14, 2011

CRITIQUE : Planner Decoration

Part 2 of my planner design.

I'm about ready to send the designs for the month labels off to be made into plates. Each will be letterpressed in black on the colored flap. You get the fun of writing in the month name, however you want.

Any critiques of these would be great.

Friday, February 11, 2011

QUESTION : A Successful Store

Hi Gang,
As you may have heard, I have been thinking (for a while) about opening a small store that features awesome consignment goods/gifts.

In addition to a shop space, I picture it having
• A work space to do freelance work and printing
• A comfy atmosphere that encourages like minded makers to come and hang out. An everyday craft club.

Anyways, that's the dream.

I know I need more real life experience, and here's where you come in. Do you have any favourite boutiques or stores? I'm looking for places to visit, and possibly shop owners who wouldn't mind me tagging along behind them for a couple of days, asking questions.

Local (Seattle, Eastside, etc.) and Portland suggestions are welcome, and of course if you know/do business with the owner that would be even more awesome.

So, what are your favourite shops?