Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sorry again for the dead air- good news is I've been a ton of stuff done, including plates for new Christmas cards (which I should have had you all critique!) and for AIM business cards.

That's right, I am getting ready to push this site like mad! I am so excited about all you followers.... but you are so quiet. I want all your silly questions right here, right now.

Would anyone like Adventures in Making business cards to hand out? The more people looking and talking, the better the community will be.

REMEBER - Silly questions, right here, right now. (I'm looking at you...)


  1. Ali! Yes AIM business cards would be great! I'd definitely love to hand them out to people and holiday craft show season would be the perfect time!

    Sorry I've been out so long... I've been crazy busy lately with gearing up Camp Smartypants for holiday craft shows, working on the My Own Ideas blog, freelance graphic design work, bussing tables, the list goes on.... I have a list of things I'd love to share on AIM but haven't had the time to post :(

    I'm planning a little 'vacation' for myself around the holidays and in january. By 'vacation' I mean giving myself time to work on all the projects I haven't had the time to do. AIM is definitely on my list :)


Thank for the help!