Friday, October 15, 2010

RESOURCE : Requesting Facebook Help!

Does anyone out there have a good resource for developing a successful business page on Facebook? I'm working on one for the shop I'm working at, and I'd like a creative way to feature items, artists, etc.

Any ideas or resources you use?

Thanks, as always, for the help. You are awesome.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TIP : Let it sit in your Cart

My latest experience with Vista Print was quite frustrating... the price that I quoted my client for business cards turned into a much larger price based on hard-to-read quotes and a last minute price change (base from $4.99 to $19.99). I had everything uploaded and ready to go before I realized that the final price was going to be huge. So I logged off, and pursued other options. The next night I got an email from Vista print offering special pricing on business cards– lo and behold the prices had shrunk more than 50%.

It's something I've been noticing lately with online retailers- if you have a cart active on their service, then many will offer you a great deal to buy what you put in your cart a few days ago. It's good business for them, because they can cajole people into buying what they're not quite sure about... but it makes people who make quick decisions unlucky.

So- if there's something you're looking for, but don't need right away, put it in your virtual shopping cart and walk away.

(I don't advise this tactic when shopping in real life, as most times someone will just come and restock everything... oh, and your ice cream could melt.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

TOOLBOX : Sharpie Pencil Review

When I first read about the Sharpie Liquid Pencil on the Sharpie Blog I was pretty stoked. I am a fan of using pencils for my doodles- but I hate that they rub and fade over time. Sharpie's Liquid pencil promises to write and erase like a pencil, and to be permanent after 24 hours (or more?).

Since I am also a Sharpie-aholic, I went ahead and bought a set at the office store to try out.

Overall it's a disappointment. The pen[cil] does not write smoothly, more like a cheap ballpoint. When you do write with it, it leaves a relatively deep impression in the paper that makes it virtually impossible to erase completely. At the same time, the "liquid graphite" is very easy to smear, or "erase" with your finger or hand.

The uneven quality means that it is not any good at the things I love doing with a pencil- shading, varying stroke weight, messing around. I'm really not sure that it is good at anything. I will check it out to see how permanent it is tomorrow.

Guess I'm stuck with my mechanical pencil fallbacks, and all my Sharpie pens (which I heart) and markers.

(If you want an even more thorough review, check out this one. Check out my blog where I plan to reminisce about all my great Sharpie moments.)

Friday, October 8, 2010

QUESTION : Ordering Business Cards online

Hey guys, I designed a couple of business cards for an actress friend. They are headshots, so I want to get them printed on glossy paper (4 color photo, one side) and sent directly to her. I was thinking of using an online service, but it's expensive! Does anyone have any places they would suggest, or a local printer they've worked with?