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Alison Lang
Adventures in Making stared as the brain-child of a somewhat lonesome designer who missed the critiques of school, and the problem solving of retail. Proclaimed “Design Mommy,” Alison pressed friends to send her projects to look at, and questions to answer. (They didn’t seem to mind.)

Alison is a graphic designer and slave to the letterpress with a background in paper, and an obsession with adhesives. She has a small series of letterpress designs ( and a shop on etsy ( Originally from Texas, she now lives under a large white cedar in Issaquah, Washington with her husband and three cats.

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Rachel Beyer
Originally uttered the words, "Help me! Design Mommy!" in 2008 while working with Alison at a design company in Seattle, WA. Since then she's always turned to Alison for advice and constructive criticism whenever she's in need of a fresh eye and an honest opinion.

Rachel currently lives in Portland, Oregon where she works as freelance graphic designer and small crafty business owner by day and busser at a fine dining restaurant by night. She is the creator of Camp Smartypants, a line of women's clothing, accessories, and paper goods. She's obsessed with bright colors, thrifting, feathers, crafts, stickers, markers, hosting parties, eating good food, and laughing with friends.

Lindsay Jewell
Lindsay was born in Sweet Home, Oregon, but has lived in Portland, Oregon for the last sixteen years. She recently graduated from Portland State University with a BA in English, and is currently building a writing portfolio for her freelance business while dabbling in various arts and crafts. She is obsessed with food, homemade bread, books, films, second-hand linens, paper, pretty thrifted mugs and her fluffy feline.

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Kat Duke
When Kat was growing up in Texas, her family spent every school holiday making something. In fact, crafts and creating took up all the time that books didn’t.

Now in Seattle, she's a crocheter, knitter, photographer, singer/songwriter, occasional (and optimistic) artist, and general crafter. She has been refinishing tins, crocheting interesting creatures, perfecting patterns for knit and crocheted hats, and trying to figure out what to make for guy friends for the holidays.

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Scott and Jacqui Scoggin
Scott and Jacqui like to think of themselves as all around makers of cool stuff. They started Slide Sideways, a handmade and graphic design business, in 2008, mostly as an outlet for complete creative freedom. Typically they spend their days at the screen printing press and sewing machine busying themselves by making tea towels, posters, sketchbooks, zip pouches, and more for their shop.

They currently reside in Tacoma, WA, living a simple life and staying happy by drawing, picture taking, food making, bike riding, thrifting/estate saling, playing, watching movies, day dreaming and just all around creating and making stuff.


Patrick Lang
Patrick learned how to destroy and build things with electronics and other crafts at an early age by taking everything apart and putting it back together. Growing up, he also spent years in Boy Scouts learning the art of the kludge, how to survive outdoors, and plenty of other skills.

Today he lives near Seattle with his lovely wife, Alison, and work as a software developer. At night, he obsesses over coffee, computers, music, building, and fixing things around the house.

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