Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hello! It's been a while since I done a post on AIM. I've been working on a new product for Camp Smartypants and thought this would be a perfect AIM blog post, as I'm looking for your feedback!

I am discontinuing my Friends Forever Card & Bracelet set from the Camp Smartypants line. But, friendship bracelets aren't going away completely! I want to remake this product into a diy craft kit! I've been wanting to create some crafty kits for Camp Smartypants for some time now. This will be the first, of hopefully many kits I plan to create.

So, what the kit includes is: an instruction booklet, a Friends Forever card (which is perforated down the middle so that if can be torn in half- much like those "friends forever heart necklaces"), two safety pins, and embroidery floss.

What I'm mainly looking for feedback on is the packaging of this kit. Take a look at the photos below. I want it to be both visually appealing while also showing what the kit contains. I also want it to fit into my Camp Smartypants brand.

I plan to sell this for $10.00 (retail). What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


  1. I wish I had something a little more constructive to say other than, "I like it," but...

    I like it!

  2. Super cute idea-

    The main thing that is striking me is that I want the label on the top of the package to be a darker color- either all green with whited out writing, or maybe printed on a darker paper/kraft/chipboard? Mainly, I want it to contrast more with the contents of the package (the ff card and the instruction booklet.) Obviously you would want the kit packaging to match anything else in the line (now and the future).

    Also, it might seem obvious, but you might point out that the kit is even better because you can use the instructions on other pieces of floss (a gift that keeps giving.)

    Would you think about putting the whole thing in a box to make it more "special"? (You might be able to charge a little more) Like a little card box, brown with a string around it, or even a clear box? If it's a box, then it's not only a kit, but a place to store the bracelet, future bracelets, keepsakes?

  3. Also, that makes it more gifty.

    I could see it in a gifty type store (like this one.)


Thank for the help!