Monday, September 20, 2010

CRAFT CLUBBING : Quite a Fashionable Animal

Because we don't all have the time, right group of local friends, or social skills to be in a real craft club, I thought I'd start one right here. Email your submissions to Don't forget to have fun! That's the point, right?

I am going to admit that I love animals in clothes, whether they're drawn, animated, or real-life adorable. I don't know why, but I do. They inspire me to be whimsical.

Thus the subject of our first craft club meeting - "Quite a Fashionable Animal." Doodle, paint, photoshop, knit, draw, and collage your heart out. Send an image of your creation to me at (max size 1000px).

It's going to be pretty embarrassing if I'm the only one who shows up.

Caterine of Aragon - alisonml

Ninja Parrot - alisonml

Rachel brought props to the club.


  1. no deadline- unless you want one!

  2. Well, no. Probably not. But I am a procrastinator...

  3. well, then just do a quick and dirty one RIGHT NOW.

  4. I love this! Are you still doing this? We should do this.



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