Friday, September 3, 2010

QUESTION: Vintage Filters

Do you know a good how-to/resource on the trendy vintage filters people are using lately in their photographs? I have some new jewelry that use vintage beads and charms and want to experiment with some different ways to photograph them.


  1. I know I had a site I looked at that was cool- ugh, I can't find it. I promise I'll look again first thing tuesday.

  2. I love my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone - so that's one way to go but I don't think you have one, right Rachel?

    Urban Outfitters has some badass options: I hope this helps!

  3. Well, I couldn't find the one I looked at before, but there are a lot of tutorials out there (says Google) I just searched "Vintage Photoshop Tutorials"

    This one looked interesting, at least as a starting point-

    I do think the one bad thing about these is that you won't get a true color on the product shot. Is there some creative way of keeping your product the right color and the backdrop be tinted*? OR I guess you could show a true color shot in your photos.

    *Here's a bit of brainstorming - what if the photo is like a shot of a keepsake box. A vintage colored photo with the actual item placed on top. Almost like the photo is a shot in time, and the beads are a momento. You wouldn't have to show the whole piece, just enough to show color? Am I getting too artsy fartsy over here?

  4. My friend Joel wrote this

    "DeviantArt has several, but the quick and dirty is to use a lighten layer with a dark, cool color and a multiply or transparent layer with a creme or other off white"

  5. Thanks for the input on this! I'll let you know when I get started photographing (I've got WAY too many different projects on my plate right now). :)


    finally found the link!


Thank for the help!