Monday, April 4, 2011

QUESTION : Consignment Paperwork

Hi Guys,
I'm going to be putting my cards in stores (consignment). I was wondering if you have advice about what questions to ask, what kind of paperwork to provide, etc.

Any tips?


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  1. Well, the first obvious thing is to find out what percentage the store will take from your card sales. Consignment is usually 60%(you)/40%(store), but I have some stores that are 50/50 consignment.

    Price your cards accordingly. Make sure you are still making a profit after the store takes their cut.

    Ask them when and how you will be paid for sales. Some stores will have checks ready for consigners every month, but I've also worked with stores that pay every 3 months. Discuss whether you will plan to pick up money in-person or if you want it mailed to you.

    In Portland, I visit each store that carries my product once a month. During this visit I collect money for any sales and I check on my inventory. I keep my own inventory and track how many of what is selling on my own. (Stores usually don't have time to write down what item sold, only the consigner code and amount).

    Other things to make sure you read over in their consignment contract are their policies for lost/stolen/damaged goods, and sale items. From my experience, if the store decides to have a sale on your products, it comes from their end of the profit, so I still get my full 60% (or whatever the agreed % is) even if they mark down the retail price.

    That's all I can think of for now. Congrats on having your cards in a store!


Thank for the help!