Sunday, March 20, 2011

Question: Screen Printing Equipment

Hello! It's been awhile since I posted here on AIM. My question for you is about screenprinting equipment. I no longer have a free press I can use to print my shirts and scarves this year and I'm looking into getting my own setup. Probably just a one-color press. I was looking at something like this online, which seems pretty reasonable. But what about the other equipment needed like flash dryers, etc.? Does anyone know what a reasonable price is for these and where to find it?

I already have burned screens, so I don't think I'll need to get an exposure unit right away. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheaper the better :)



  1. I'm doing some asking around... I'm sure J&S are the people with the answers!

  2. screenprinting can be fairly inexpensive if you are willing do get a little diy with it. you can make a lot of the setup you will need yourself.

    for a press i recommend using clamps and mounting them to a nice 1" thick board, utrecht carries them

    there are some details with making a press, so if you want to go this route let us know and we can elaborate.

    if you use waterbased ink, which i recommend, there is no need for a flash dryer for fabric or paper, but on a cold day drying takes a bit longer. you will also need to use waterbased emulsion. there are also many soy based cleaners which are a lot better for you and the probably the world, and they have great names like strip-e-doo and bean-e-doo.

    we built our exposure unit for under 70 bucks, however you will need a pressure washer, or to borrow one.

    this is a good site and they are close so shipping is quick.

    screenprinting has a huge learning curve, and has many variables. however fabric has a little more room for error than say paper.

    anyways hope this helps!


Thank for the help!