Friday, February 11, 2011

QUESTION : A Successful Store

Hi Gang,
As you may have heard, I have been thinking (for a while) about opening a small store that features awesome consignment goods/gifts.

In addition to a shop space, I picture it having
• A work space to do freelance work and printing
• A comfy atmosphere that encourages like minded makers to come and hang out. An everyday craft club.

Anyways, that's the dream.

I know I need more real life experience, and here's where you come in. Do you have any favourite boutiques or stores? I'm looking for places to visit, and possibly shop owners who wouldn't mind me tagging along behind them for a couple of days, asking questions.

Local (Seattle, Eastside, etc.) and Portland suggestions are welcome, and of course if you know/do business with the owner that would be even more awesome.

So, what are your favourite shops?

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  1. I know you said you only wanted Seattle shops, but I'm gonna give you a few non-Seattle ones anyway :)

    Here is a list of retail stores that also offer other services (besides just selling product).

    Canvas- Is an art bar in portland, in addition to a full menu + drinks, they offer free art supplies and host art events to encourage people to eat, drink, and draw. They also have a small retail section where you can buy other art supplies. A unique idea that might give some inspiration.

    Tender Loving Empire- Located in SW Portland. They sell my products in their store. They are also a music label. They record and promote local bands and host in-store concerts.

    Red Velvet- I'm sure you've seen Elsie's new vintage boutique in blogland. Although not exactly in your arena, she is new to store-owning and does all sorts of fun/crafty displays for her product. Her sister also has a cupcake cafe inside the store.

    *Elsie (a beautiful mess) is also getting ready to launch a new e-course called "Dream Job" or something like that. It might be something good to look into as I'm sure she shares her own story of opening a retail store.

    Maybe you could talk to Cakespy on Cap Hill?

    When I was in college there was a store/studio in Queen Anne called Paperspace Creative. I interviewed the owner, Kristine, who happened to be an AIS alumn. She had a half retail store (where she sold cards/stationary), half design studio (she mainly did wedding invitations). She closed her shop and it looks like her website isn't up anymore. When I googled her name, this site came up:
    Also her Linkedin:

    That's all I can think of right now. I'll email you if I discover anything else :)


Thank for the help!