Friday, December 10, 2010

QUESTION : Christmas Tree topper

This question comes from a newcomer to the site, yay! It's holiday themed, just like this month.

We have a 10 foot live Christmas tree and need something to top it off with! The toppers at stores seem to be built for 6 or 7 foot trees and would totally disappear if we used them. Plus, they're really fraking expensive ($10 for a lame star 5 inches in diameter)! We're willing to spend $10 but we want it to be seen on top of our amazing tree. We want a Star or Angel, we want it to be quick, we want it big, and we want it cheap!

"The Machine" also has a challenge for us.

Make an advent calendar for the season!

Have you made one you're proud of? Have you seen one online? Comment and let us know...

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  1. You should try making your own! There are tons of great craft tutorials around the blogosphere. This way you could use thrifted or recycled materials to lower your cost. You could even enlarge the scale of the pattern to make it the size you want!

    Check out these ideas over at Better Homes & Gardens. They even have tips on how to avoid topper tipping :)


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